Soil Injection

The insecticide Confidor is injected around the root zone of the tree where it is taken up by the roots and translocated to the foliage. This is a safe and effective method of treating large trees. Based on our experience the tree can be protected for more than two seasons. The best time for this treatment is July to November although later treatments are effective provided soil moisture is not limiting.

Biological Sprays

Natural and environmentally friendly sprays include Entrust and natural Pyrethrum. Timing is very important. Entrust is effective against larvae, particularly the first instar, and should be applied in early December for best results. Natural pyrethrum can be applied from November to February.

Stem Injection

Stem Injection involves injecting the treatment directly into the trees vascular system. This treatment is quickly effective and can be applied at any time of the year. However we recommend timing treatments for September to November before beetle activity occurs. The chemical used for stem injection is SilvaShield and has the same active ingredient as used in soil injection.